I need to change what I ordered. I need a change to my order

Once your order is created, there are limits to what can be changed to your order. Please contact us and see if changes can be arranged. We will try our best to help you make changes if possible.

If order change is possible and you need to change an item in the order to another item that's greater in value, an updated order with a payment-due invoice will be sent to you for additional payment. Updated orders will not be processed till payment is complete. If changing to a item of lower value, than a credit/refund will be issued.

If you wish to cancel an item and you ordered multiple items, we can cancel that one item on the order and issue you a refund for that item. You can then order the item you wish in a separate order.

If the order has been shipped or in process where it is too late to stop, then you will have to wait for the arrival of your item and return the item by request a Return Authorization from our Return Center

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