Stripped threads

Threads can strip regardless of the material. Stripped threads are caused by

- Over tightening - too much torque applied to the screw exceeding the tensile strength rating of the screw
- Cross threading - marred, or otherwise damaged threads will not marry up properly and will accumulate damage until the threads are destroyed
- Under tightening - too much movement allows latteral (to the thread axis) to rub crease flatten or dent the thread, setting you up for a cross threading situation if you tighten or loosen

You can try to repair the thread by placing a small amount of Threadlocker such as LOCTITE Purple Threadlocker or epoxy or super glue to one thread, let dry and then try screwing the ends together.  Don't coat the thread.  You just need to have the epoxy fill in the damaged area so that the threads can hold on once dried.

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