What does 1 Piece mean? Does it mean a Pair?

All items available for purchase at RebelBod are 1 piece jewelry unless specifically stated as 1 pair.

This is 1 Piece :
1 Piece

and this is 1 Pair :
1 Pair

Now the boring explaination :

Some jewelry is listed as 1 Piece, which means Single Piece (1 Piece), and it does NOT mean a Pair (2 Pieces).

Jewelry that comes in a pair would have the word "Pair" explicitly displayed. Any jewelry that doesn't have the word "Pair" would mean 1 Piece (Single Piece).

Some jewelry such as nipple rings, earrings, plugs, tapers, tunnels may come in either Pair (2 Pieces) or 1 Piece (Single Piece). When a piece of jewelry such as earring is identified as 1 Piece, and you wish for a pair of earrings, then you will need to purchase 2 Single Piece (1 Piece) of that jewelry to make a pair of the jewelry.


1 Piece Earring - you get 1 Earring
2 X 1 Piece Earring - you get 2 Earrings
1 Pair Earring - you get 2 Earrings


1 Piece Earring = 1 Earring
1 Piece Earring + 1 Piece Earring = 2 Earrings
1 Pair Earring = 2 Earrings = 1 Earring + 1 Earring

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