Why can Rose Gold jewelry discolor my skin?

Why can Rose Gold jewelry discolour my skin?

The reason is because there is Copper in Rose Gold.

Many people are confused why their skin has changed colour after wearing a Rose Gold ring. Many assumed that low quality materials are to blame, but the most common culprit is actually the incorporation of copper in the material.

SPOILER ALERT: Copper isn’t bad for you and discolouration is totally normal

Just as copper jewelry can discolour skin or create a green mark, Rose Gold can also leave these tracks because copper is commonly used to bring out that pinky red hue colour that we love so much in Rose Gold.

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The secret is : Rose Gold is made up of Copper, Gold and a hint of Silver.
Since copper is commonly (and safely) used to make Rose Gold jewelry, it can leave its unique footprints on you (and more answers to come, after this commercial break!).

Why does jewelry turn skin green?
Have you seen rust on old cars and wondered why it's orange? That is the product of a chemical reaction between a metal and oxygen, which changes its colour. When iron meets oxygen, it turns orange. That's why we paint our cars to keep the rust off. Cool huh? Now, going back to jewelry, copper doesn't like oxygen either and, when those two meet, the colour of copper turns green. This chemical reaction can be heightened with skin products, like lotions and perfumes, and even just your natural oils, sweat, and diet. In fact, your skin turning green from the reaction between copper and the acidity from your skin is totally normal.

The jewelry itself can also be discolored from the skin's acidity and be mistaken for poor quality materials. Last, to prolong the life of your jewelry, it is very important keep your jewelry clean and sealed after you wear it in a little airtight zip lock bag to avoid tarnishing. The discoloration isn’t harmful but can be an annoying stain.

Will I get skin discoloration from Rose Gold or Copper jewelry?
As we talked about earlier, the green discoloration from wearing copper or Rose Gold jewelry is totally and utterly normal. But, depending on your body’s chemistry and medication intake, some people get skin discoloration from Rose Gold and some never do.

Fun Fact: Copper reacts to the acidity of your body. And processed food, like junk food, will make your body more acidic, which will more likely lead to that discolouration.

Healing with Copper
Copper is an essential (yes, essential) mineral for us humans. And while too much copper is not good, copper can also bring health benefits. Some claimed wearing copper can cure headaches and joint pains (pretty awesome, eh?)

Tips on how you can still wear Rose Gold
One trick is to paint the inner band or wherever the jewelry touches their skin with clear nail polish or clear lacquer like Nickel Guard. The long-term solution is to plate the jewelry with rhodium (Silver finish) to ensure it doesn’t get in contact with your skin.

Remember that to prolong life of your jewelry, avoid wearing it while exercising, bathing, and in pool/spa and it’s best to avoid contact with water.

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