How long will it take to receive my order? When will my order ship?

For questions regarding your USPS shipment, you can call USPS Customer Care Center at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

Please also see this FAQ from USPS -

Due to the custom nature of the products, most orders are typically processed within 2-7 business days (Monday-Friday). Orders received after 1PM Eastern will be in queue for next day to begin processing. Some items in high demand may require additional time for manufacturing and/or processing.

The length of time an order takes to be processed is dependent on how your details pass through our system. Whenever a customer places a Credit/Debit card order, the card information is rigorously checked to ensure maximum security and prevent potential credit card fraud. Your bank will may require security checks to validate your purchase. If all of the details are correctly matched and verified, your order will be processed as soon as possible. If there are any issues, we may need to contact you to verify some details.

Due to the custom nature of the products and high demand on certain items, there are times when items become backordered. Once an item becomes backordered, your order will be in backordered state. The usual wait time is 1-4 weeks to account for production queue and making the item. We will split-ship your order if possible. The backordered item will be shipped as soon as it becomes available.

The time it takes for our customers to receive an order depends entirely on the locale, the shipping method chosen and the date the order was made.

Please be aware that the stated delivery times, although often accurate, do vary depending on delays within the postal system. Estimates of shipping transit time is provided by the shipping carriers, and they are estimates of what they think it would take, and they are not guarantees.  Any delays that occur during transit are entirely up to the postal service in charge of delivering the parcel and beyond our control.

You can use USPS Service Standards Map to get an estimation on shipment time -

Here are some figures of the USPS system -

The amazing fact is USPS handles 150 BILLION pieces of mail each year, and handles more than half the mail in the world.

Please take the time and watch these videos so you can better understand what happens with your package :

* Please note that all estimates are not guarantees, so please set your expectations properly.  Please do not request nor expect discounts, freebies, refunds for unmet expectations of shipping schedules.

  • We understand that many customers are very anxious to receive their purchases, and we also want our customers to quickly receive the purchased items. The support team can't push an order to higher priority. Please be reasonable and respectful to our support staff. DON'T be pushy, rude, threatening and abusive.


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